The John Fry Fellowship is awarded to a senior practitioner or academic to write and lecture on a subject in the field of general practice and primary care.  The John Fry Fellowship was set up in 1994 and was established by the late Dr John Fry, a Trustee of the Nuffield Trust from 1957 to his death in 1994, and is continued in his memory. Please note that we do not currently have a John Fry Fellow.


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File 1910In summer of 2010 the Nuffield Trust was delighted to award the John Fry Fellowship to Dr Lawrence P Casalino, Livingston Farrand Associate Professor of Public Health & Chief of the Division of Outcomes and Effectiveness Research, Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dr Casalino conducted an analysis of commissioning in the English NHS in light of the US experience of handing control of budgets to doctor-led groups. For the past two decades some doctors’ groups in the US have held the equivalent of a commissioning budget, and the US experience highlights some of the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing GP commissioning in the English NHS.

Dr Casalino spent six weeks exploring commissioning in the English NHS and in June 2011 the Nuffield Trust published his personal reflections on the lessons that the NHS could learn from across the Atlantic. His report, GP commissioning in the NHS in England: Ten suggestions from the United States, is available to download.

Ahead of the publication of his report, Dr Casalino recorded a podcast which outlined his thoughts on what GP consortia (later to become Clinical Commissioning Groups) could learn from US physician groups. Listen to the interview with Dr Casalino:

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