The Rock Carling Fellowship is awarded to a distinguished individual who is invited to review the current state of knowledge and prospects in a critical area of health care reform. Their research is published in a Nuffield Trust report and they are invited to give a public lecture on their chosen subject. The Rock Carling Fellowship was established in memory of the late Sir Ernest Rock Carling, a Trustee of the Nuffield Trust for many years.

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A professional economist and physician by training, Professor Alan Garber is Provost of Harvard University and former Henry J. Kaiser Jr. Professor at Stanford University, where he was also Professor of Medicine and a Professor of Economics and of Health Research and Policy, and directed the Center for Health Policy and the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research.

For his fellowship, Professor Garber studied incentives to improve clinical and organisational performance in the NHS, particularly in the area of integrated care.  His work, published in the Nuffield Trust Viewpoint: Competition, integration and incentives: the quest for efficiency in the English NHS (December 2011), provides an expert view on the question of how best to balance incentives to promote innovation in the NHS.

Professor Alan Garber on the progress of reform in the NHS in England and how to achieve the right balance of competition, integration and incentives.

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