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  1. 10 July 2014

    NHS could experience funding crisis before General Election, new analysis reveals

    The NHS is poorly placed to deal with continuing austerity and could experience a funding crisis before the 2015 General Election, new Nuffield Trust research reveals. 
  2. 07 July 2014

    Nuffield Trust statement on Better Care Fund changes

    Responding to the revisions to the Better Care Fund, set out by the Department for Health, Dr Judith Smith of the Nuffield Trust provides a response.
  3. 02 July 2014

    Sharp increase in non-NHS provision of community and mental health services, whilst private provision in hospital care slows

    Sharp increase in non-NHS provision of community and mental health services, whilst private provision in hospital care slows, new analysis reveals
  4. 24 June 2014

    Nuffield Trust response to Department of Health measures on NHS safety, transparency and openness

    The Nuffield Trust responds to today’s publication of staffing statistics and the announcement that Sir Robert Francis QC will lead a report on openness in the NHS.
  5. 17 June 2014

    NHS in Wales could face £2.5 billion funding gap within ten years, new research reveals

    The Nuffield Trust today published analysis into the growing pressures on the NHS in Wales.
  6. 04 June 2014

    Nuffield Trust responds to Simon Stevens’ speech to NHS Confederation conference

    Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive, Nuffield Trust, comments on Simon Stevens’ speech to the NHS Confederation.
  7. 28 May 2014

    QualityWatch: England’s use of antidepressants rising faster than ever since the start of the recession, research shows

    New QualityWatch research explores the rates of antidepressant prescribing in English primary care.
  8. 12 May 2014

    Nuffield Trust statement: Response to Ed Miliband speech on the NHS

    Nuffield Trust Chief Executive, Nigel Edwards, responds to Ed Milibands speech on the NHS. 
  9. 07 May 2014

    Nuffield Trust statement: Better Care Fund built on ‘flawed logic’

    Nuffield Trust Chief Executive, Nigel Edwards, responds to reports that the Better Care Fund is being delayed.
  10. 11 April 2014

    Major report reveals impact of devolution on patient care across the UK

    A major report published today explores the performance of the NHS in all four UK countries since devolution.
  11. 01 April 2014

    One year on, new commissioning groups are an improvement on their predecessors but do not reflect the views of members, say GPs

    Less than half of GPs feel decisions made by clinical commissioning groups reflect their views, shows new research published today.
  12. 26 March 2014

    QualityWatch: NHS and Government ‘flying blind’ as deep cuts prevent hundreds of thousands of older people accessing social care

    The NHS and Government are ‘flying blind’ in planning services for  older people because there is no comprehensive way to quantify the impact that cuts are having on their health, experts warn...
  13. 19 March 2014

    New project launched to explore how well health and social care services are coordinated

    Five leading independent health care organisations, including the Nuffield Trust, have today launched a new project exploring older people’s experiences of integrated care. 
  14. 27 February 2014

    The Nuffield Trust announces changes to its senior management team

    The Nuffield Trust today announced that Anita Charlesworth will be leaving her position as Chief Economist to join the Health Foundation.
  15. 12 February 2014

    Response to the Health Select Committee’s report on public expenditure on health and social care

    The Nuffield Trust responds to the Health Select Committee’s report on public expenditure on health and social care.
  16. 06 February 2014

    Hospital leaders reveal impact of Francis Inquiry one year on from influential report

    This new report from the Nuffield Trust gives a first look at how hospitals have responded to the findings and recommendations in the Francis Report.
  17. 06 February 2014

    Robert Francis QC talks to the Nuffield Trust about the impact of the Francis Inquiry

    Robert Francis QC spoke at a Nuffield Trust event marking the anniversary of the Francis Inquiry Report. Read his statement.
  18. 07 January 2014

    Nigel Edwards becomes new Nuffield Trust Chief Executive

    The Nuffield Trust today announced the appointment of Nigel Edwards as its new Chief Executive.
  19. 05 December 2013

    Nuffield Trust: Autumn Statement confirms that a decade of austerity lies ahead for the NHS

    Anita Charlesworth responds to the 2013 Autumn Statement, confirming the unprecedented squeeze on NHS budgets is likely to continue.
  20. 27 November 2013

    Reforming social care – what can we learn from the world’s oldest country?

    A new Nuffield Trust report examines how radical reforms in Japan provided universal coverage to older people at a time of major financial constraints.
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