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  1. 05 October 2015

    Nuffield Trust welcomes appointment of Jim Mackey as NHS Improvement Chief Executive

    Nigel Edwards responds to the appointment of Jim Mackey as first Chief Executive of NHS Improvement. 
  2. 30 September 2015

    We need inspiration and system leadership, health leaders tell incoming NHS Improvement CEO

    Senior health care figures say the incoming leader of the powerful new NHS Improvement regulator will need to give up on a top-down 'just do it' approach to managing performance, instead creating a...
  3. 25 September 2015

    Health leaders don’t see how local plans can achieve required NHS efficiency savings

    Findings from the Nuffield Trust's next survey of health leaders were just released, looking at financial and other pressures facing health and social care services ahead of the Comprehensive...
  4. 10 September 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to nurse shortage warning

    The Nuffield Trust responds to today’s letter from NHS trust chief executives and NHS Employers arguing that nursing should be included on the list of shortage occupations for immigration purposes.
  5. 16 July 2015

    Responding to new announcements by Jeremy Hunt on seven-day working and transparency

    Jeremy Hunt announces new measures on transparency and seven-day working. The Nuffield Trust responds, noting that consultants are only one piece of the puzzle.
  6. 08 July 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to the Summer Budget 2015

    Nigel Edwards responds to George Osborne's budget, highlighting that the 1% cap on public sector pay and the raise in the minimum wage may have important knock on effects for the NHS.
  7. 03 July 2015

    QualityWatch: UK faces ‘mountain to climb’ in improving care quality, new comparative study finds

    The UK can and should do better in preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving survival from some of the biggest killer diseases, a new report comparing performance across high-income...
  8. 19 June 2015

    A new deal for general practice? The Nuffield Trust response

     Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Nigel Edwards comments on the Secretary of State's 'New Deal' for general practice.
  9. 17 June 2015

    Reduce reliance on financial incentives to improve GP services, Nuffield Trust says

    Financial rewards and incentives to improve GP services risk being overused in the NHS and are not the best way to encourage lasting change and widespread reform, a new briefing from the Nuffield...
  10. 11 June 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to the Carter Review

    Nigel Edwards responds to the interim report on NHS spending by Lord Carter. 
  11. 04 June 2015

    Two performance targets to be scrapped: our response

    Responding to the news that key waiting times targets for planned treatment are to be scrapped, and the A&E target is to be reviewed, Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Nigel Edwards said:
  12. 02 June 2015

    Staff burnout could derail NHS efficiency drive and move to 7-day service

    The Nuffield Trust today warns that plans for an unprecedented £22 billion in savings and seven day working by 2020 will not be realised unless the health service reconnects with staff and develops...
  13. 18 May 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to Government’s 'seven-day NHS' plans

    The Nuffield Trust respond to the Prime Minister's speech today in which he pledged to create a 'seven-day' health service. 
  14. 15 April 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to the Liberal Democrats' manifesto

    The Nuffield Trust respond to the Liberal Democrats' General Election manifeso. 
  15. 14 April 2015

    Nuffield Trust response to Conservative manifesto

    The Nuffield Trust respond to the Conservative Party's General Election manifesto, released today. 
  16. 11 April 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to Labour 'mini manifesto' on health

    Labour launched their health 'mini manifesto' today. The Nuffield Trust's Chief Executive, Nigel Edwards, responds.
  17. 11 April 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to Conservative pledge for £8bn per year of additional NHS funding

    The Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust, Nigel Edwards, responds to the new pledge by the Conservative party to meet the funding needs of the NHS outlined in the Five Year Forward View.
  18. 28 March 2015

    Nuffield Trust responds to 'seven-day NHS'

    Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust, responds to the Prime Minister's pledge to establish a 'seven-day NHS'.
  19. 19 March 2015

    Health and social care leaders expect struggle to meet efficiency targets

    A new survey of health leaders finds that money for care services will be one of the greatest challenges for the next government and that 76% are not confident that the NHS will be able to meet its...
  20. 18 March 2015

    Nuffield Trust response to the 2015 Budget

    Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow in Health Policy responds to the Chancellor's final Budget of this Parliament
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