NHS in numbers is a series of interactive charts from the Nuffield Trust that provides key facts and figures on the performance and funding of the NHS in England, and the other UK nations where comparable data is available.

The charts illustrate some key data on health care expenditure, hospital activity, prescribing, performance and NHS staffing and other resources.

The data presented is all published and publicly available, but from widely dispersed sources, and in very different formats. We have collated, and in some cases adjusted, this data to develop this series of interactive charts.

Updates for 2014

November 2014 we updated several charts, and released new ones, using the latest data to be made available. We have indicated new or updated charts with star icons on the NHS in Numbers homepage. Please note that in some cases, especially when there are cross-country comparisons, the most recent data may be several years old. 

All of the financial data from new or updated charts has been presented in real terms at 2013/14 prices to allow comparability over time. 

The charts will be updated with new data on an annual basis and the series may also be expanded. Our aim in producing these charts is to provide an up-to-date and accessible resource for some of this key data.

File 9382Click on the image above to access an interactive chart comparing UK, EU and OECD average health spending.

We have put together a spreadsheet detailing the various data sources, important notes to take into account when using and interpreting the data, and dates of the most recent and upcoming data releases, which is available for download (see ‘Document downloads’ on the right-hand side of the page).

It is a time of great change across the NHS and data collection is no exception to this. Certain datasets will cease to be collected, or methods and definitions may change, and new data will also emerge.

We will endeavour to continue to update these charts where the data allow, making clear any adjustments made to permit comparability, or where series are simply not comparable over time.

File 9383

Click on the image above to access an interactive chart showing UK spending on public and private health care. 

What has become very clear to us in producing this series is that while there is a huge amount of data available about the NHS, it is not always in an immediately useable or comparable format.

This Nuffield Trust project is led by Research Economist Sandeepa Arora.


If you would like to get in touch with any feedback or comments about this series of charts, please contact us via email.

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