1. Beyond practice-based commissioning

    Areas of work: Commissioning
    Project leads: Professor Judith Smith

    Practice-based commissioning (PbC) has been a cornerstone of the Labour government’s health service reforms in England since it was introduced in 2005. However, it has so far had limited success....

  2. Independent practitioner associations in New Zealand: surviving to thrive

    Areas of work: Commissioning, Integrated care, UK & international comparisons
    Project leads: Professor Judith Smith, Ruth Thorlby, Professor Nicholas Mays, Dr Bev O’Keefe , Pauline Barnett

    Handing control of commissioning budgets over to groups of primary care clinicians was one of the most radical reforms set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Aiming to support policy-...

  3. Partnership for Older People: evaluation of impact on emergency hospital use

    Areas of work: Evaluation, Integrated care, Predictive risk
    Project leads: Adam Steventon, Dr Martin Bardsley

    The Partnership for Older People Projects (POPP) were established by the Department of Health in 2005, with the aim of encouraging local councils to work in partnership with the NHS and voluntary...

  4. Predicting future costs of social care

    Areas of work: Commissioning, Research methods & information tools, Social care
    Project leads: Dr Martin Bardsley

    It is becoming increasingly important for local councils and health services to take early action to support people to remain independent and stay in their own homes. Our researchers explored...

  5. Predicting risk of hospital readmission with PARR-30

    Areas of work: Predictive risk, Research methods & information tools
    Project leads: Dr Martin Bardsley, Theo Georghiou, Professor John Billings, Ian Blunt

    Following the Government’s announcement in 2010 that hospitals in England would not be reimbursed for some emergency hospital readmissions occurring within 30 days of discharge, the interest in...

  6. The quest for efficiency in the English NHS

    Areas of work: Efficiency & productivity
    Project leads: Professor Judith Smith

    The NHS is facing one of the most significant financial challenges in its history, with efficiency savings of four per cent per year now required. This comprehensive programme of research aimed to...

  7. Tracking the journey towards integrated care in Trafford

    Areas of work: Integrated care, Social care
    Project leads: Natasha Curry, Dr Sara Shaw, Professor Judith Smith

    In the current economic climate it is important to explore ways of reducing the avoidable costs of care and ill health, such as through integrated care.  This project tracked the process of...

  8. Understanding trends in emergency care

    Areas of work: Efficiency & productivity
    Project leads: Ian Blunt, Dr Martin Bardsley, Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

    Admitting a patient to hospital as an emergency case is costly and often avoidable, yet the number of emergency hospital admissions has been rising for some time. We examined the reasons for the...

  9. Universal access and low costs? Health and social care the Japanese way

    Areas of work: Efficiency & productivity, NHS reform, Social care, UK & international comparisons
    Project leads: Natasha Curry, Holly Holder, Ruth Thorlby

    Japan has been operating in a challenging economic context since the early 1990s. Despite this, the country has succeeded in increasing investment in health and social care, resulting in major...