1. Feeling the crunch: NHS finances to 2020

    5 Aug 2016

    As recognised by the NHS’s Five Year Forward View, by 2020 the NHS will need to find savings of around £22 billion in order to balance its books. But there has been no clear articulation of how that...

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  2. Is bigger better? Lessons for large-scale general practice

    19 Jul 2016

    Traditional general practice is changing. Three quarters of practices are now working collaboratively in larger-scale organisations – albeit with varying degrees of ambition. Policy-makers and...

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  3. Clinical commissioning: GPs in charge?

    12 Jul 2016

    Clinically led approaches to planning and designing health services are more likely to be both innovative and effective. For this reason, clinical commissioning groups (CCGS) were set up to put GPs...

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  4. The future of pathology services

    29 Jun 2016

    Pathology, the branch of medicine involving the examination of organs, tissues and whole bodies, is involved in 70 to 80 per cent of diagnosis and treatment decisions. It also faces some of the...

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  5. Health leaders survey results: Survey 6 on footprints, financing and staff morale

    10 Jun 2016

    Since July 2014, the Nuffield Trust has regularly surveyed a panel of 100 health and social care leaders in England for their views on a range of issues including: finance, general practice and...

  6. Reshaping the workforce to deliver the care patients need

    17 May 2016

    Recent national developments, including the Five Year Forward View, have driven an emphasis towards new care models to meet the needs of a rising population with complex needs. Yet the capacity for...

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  7. Developing care for a changing population: Patient engagement and health information technology

    13 May 2016

    This discussion paper highlights three applications of health information technology for people with complex health conditions, and lays out principles to bear in mind when designing, promoting and...

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  8. Developing care for a changing population: Supporting patients with costly, complex needs

    13 May 2016

    Responding to the needs of the growing numbers of people with complex, chronic illnesses is making new and testing demands of health systems worldwide. This discussion paper looks at emerging...

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  9. Developing care for a changing population: Learning from GP-led organisations

    13 May 2016

    This discussion paper explores the issues associated with running large scale, GP-led organisations that provide services beyond the scope of general practice, and offers examples of some of the...

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  10. Focus on: Public health and prevention

    28 Apr 2016

    Against a backdrop of substantial changes to the way public health services in England are commissioned and increasing funding constraints on local government, this QualityWatch report provides an...

  11. Emergency general surgery: challenges and opportunities

    11 Apr 2016

    The Nuffield Trust was commissioned by the Royal College of Surgeons of England to explore the challenges facing emergency general surgery and identify opportunities to overcome them.

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  12. Digital requirements for new primary care models

    7 Apr 2016

    This briefing looks at emerging changes in primary care, and how digital technology can help managers and clinicians to deliver them.

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  13. Has clinical commissioning found its voice? GP perspectives on their CCGs

    4 Apr 2016

    This slide deck presents the fourth and final year of results from an annual survey of GPs and practice managers in six CCGs across the country. The survey – conducted as part a joint project with...

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  14. Delivering the benefits of digital health care

    17 Feb 2016

    Clinically led improvement, enabled by new technology, is transforming the delivery of health care and our management of population health. Yet strategic decisions about clinical transformation and...

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  15. Winter pressures: what's going on behind the scenes?

    11 Feb 2016

    In this latest analysis from QualityWatch, a joint Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation research programme, we track performance across 29 different indicators over the past five years (from Spring...

  16. The future of child health services: new models of care

    8 Feb 2016

    This report highlights what the problems are in current health care services for children and young people, and investigates how emerging new models of care could provide an opportunity to address...

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  17. Monitoring change in health care through statistical process control methods

    29 Jan 2016

    The ability to detect real change in the way care is being delivered will be critical over the next few years as the NHS faces probably its greatest financial challenge. Using information in the...

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  18. Alcohol-specific activity in hospitals in England

    22 Dec 2015

    Alcohol-related harm is placing increasing demands on the NHS. At a time when unprecedented efficiencies need to be made by the NHS and local authorities, preventative action must be taken seriously...

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  19. Consensus on quality

    18 Dec 2015

    ‘Quality’ in health care is a complex concept to define. The QualityWatch programme uses a framework that views quality through six domains in order to draw as broad an understanding of the state of...

  20. The Spending Review: what does it mean for health and social care?

    17 Dec 2015

    The 2015 Spending Review included vital decisions for the future of both health and social care in England. The three leading independent health think tanks – the Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund, and...

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