19 November 2012

This slideshow illustrates the key findings of a study undertaken by researchers from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), commissioned by the Nuffield Trust, which examined the effects of increased competition and choice on the location of NHS-funded outpatient and inpatient care.

The research examines changes over time in the use of NHS trusts and independent sector treatment centres (ISTCs), which are privately owned but treat NHS-funded patients.

The slideshow illustrates:

  • the distribution of selected elective procedures across provider types;
  • changes in the percentages admitted to each provider type;
  • the number of procedures conducted by ISTCs, and the number of ISTCs in operation;
  • the concentration of providers for outpatient referrals.

These slides are taken from the report: Choosing the place of care: the effect of patient choice on treatment location in England, 2003-2011 (Nuffield Trust, November 2012), which is the first output from the joint research programme between the IFS and the Nuffield Trust: Understanding competition and choice in the NHS.

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