1. Video

    Stephen Sutch: Predictive modelling and clinical data

    13 Jun 2012

    Stephen Sutch, Independent Consultant, discusses his research into risk stratification models

  2. Video

    Mark Sanderson: Predictive risk – developments in Scotland

    13 Jun 2012

    Mark Sanderson, NHS National Services Scotland, on the future developments of predictive risk modelling

  3. Video

    Torsten Hecke: Predictive modelling – lessons from Germany

    13 Jun 2012

    Dr Torsten Hecke, Techniker Krankenkasse, discusses the future developments of risk modelling in Germany

  4. Slideshow

    Ian Blunt: PARR-30 – a predictive model for readmission

    13 Jun 2012

    Ian Blunt, Nuffield Trust, on the development of PARR-30 – a new predictive model for readmissions

  5. Video

    Highlights from the 2012 Health Policy Summit

    29 Mar 2012

    Highlights from the Health Policy Summit 2012, which focused on the challenges facing the NHS

  6. Video

    Martin Bardsley: Managing financial risk in health

    29 Feb 2012

    Dr Martin Bardsley, Nuffield Trust, discusses managing financial risk in health

  7. Slideshow

    Geraint Lewis: Innovative decision technologies in health

    12 Dec 2011

    Dr Geraint Lewis, Nuffield Trust, explores the development of cutting-edge decision technologies for health

  8. Slideshow

    Martin Bardsley: New advances in resource allocation

    9 Dec 2011

    In this audio slideshow, Dr Bardsley outlines a new approach to allocating resources in the NHS in England

  9. Slideshow

    Geraint Lewis: The use of decision technologies in health

    21 Nov 2011

    Dr Geraint Lewis, Nuffield Trust on how decision technologies can be used in the NHS

  10. Video

    Dirk Göpffarth: The German risk adjustment formula

    29 Jun 2011

    Dr Dirk Göpffarth, German Federal Social Insurance Office, describes the use of risk adjustment in Germany