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    Rebecca Rosen: Trends in the organisation of hospital services

    20 January 2014

    Dr Rebecca Rosen explores trends and strategic choices in the organisation of hospital services in Europe

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    Jon Nicholl: Induced demand and use of emergency care

    18 March 2014

    Professor Jon Nicholl, University of Sheffield, discusses induced demand and use of urgent and emergency care


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    Rebecca Rosen: Supply-induced demand in primary care

    18 March 2014

    Rebecca Rosen, Nuffield Trust, explores the various types of supply induced demand, including for health care

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    Merav Dover: Integrated care in Southwark and Lambeth

    06 March 2014

    Merav Dover, Chief Officer of Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care, describes their work in London.

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    Keith Willett: The Urgent and Emergency Care Review

    06 March 2014

    Professor Keith Willett, NHS England, explore the Urgent and Emergency Care Review.

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    Ian Blunt: Urgent care in the English NHS

    06 March 2014

    Ian Blunt, Nuffield Trust, explores the quality of urgent care in the English NHS.

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    Martin Bardsley: The challenges of assessing care quality

    06 March 2014

    Dr Martin Bardsley describes the challenges of assessing care quality.

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    Timothy Ferris: Meeting the health care cost challenge

    06 March 2014

    Dr Timothy G Ferris, Partners HealthCare, outlines a new approach to meeting the health care cost challenge.

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    Sally Williams: Acute trust responses to the Francis Report

    06 February 2014

    Sally Williams explores the responses of acute trusts to the Francis Report after one year

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    Pentti Itkonen: Integrating regional health and social care

    20 January 2014

    Dr Pentti Itkonen, South Karelia Social and Health District, on integrated health and social care in Finland