1. Video

    Nigel Edwards: Meeting NHS challenges through innovation

    31 March 2014

    Nigel Edwards, The Nuffield Trust's new Chief Executive, discusses NHS resourcing challenges.

  2. Video

    Neil Heather: The Yellow Men public education campaign

    18 March 2014

    Neil Heather, Storm Creative, explains the agency’s recent Yellow Men campaign for the NHS.


  3. Video

    David Lloyd: Managing demand for GP services

    18 March 2014

    Dr David Lloyd, The Ridgeway Surgery, talks about managing demand for GP services.


  4. Video

    Martin Roland: Managing demand for health services

    18 March 2014

    Professor Martin Roland, University of Cambridge, discusses how to manage demand for health services.

  5. Video

    Highlights from the 2014 European Health Summit

    21 January 2014

    Health managers and clinicians from 16 countries attended the Nuffield Trust’s 2014 European Health Summit.

  6. Video

    Gus O’Donnell: Transformational change is key

    06 March 2014

    Lord Gus O’Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary and Chair of Frontier Economics, talks about NHS reform.

  7. Video

    Philip Collins: The impossibility of top-down integration

    06 March 2014

    Philip Collins, The Times, speaks about the impossibility of integrating NHS services from the centre.

  8. Video

    Andy Burnham: What is whole person care?

    06 March 2014

    Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Sectary of State for Health, describes whole person care.

  9. Video

    Timothy Ferris: Accountable care organisations in practice

    06 March 2014

    Dr Timothy G Ferris, Partners Healthcare describes how accountable care organisations work in practice.

  10. Video

    Barbro Fridén: How to improve results at larger hospitals

    06 March 2014

    Barbro Fridén, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden, on how to improve results at larger hospitals.