The future for health after Brexit

Our latest report builds on previous work investigating the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU on the supply of products needed for health, life sciences, migration and the health and care workforce. It shows that global medicine shortages are being felt particularly acutely in the UK and that the country's reliance on migration for health and social care workers is intensifying, mostly through migration from outside the EU.

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Watch again: Nuffield Trust Summit 2024

Catch up on all the sessions and interviews from our Summit, which took place on 7–8 March 2024. Themes and topics under discussion included tackling health care inequalities, shifting attitudes and expectations over work, productivity, risk in health care, and the emerging role of AI. 

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Future patterns of disease and health care

Is ill health and disability in older age inevitable? With a rapidly ageing population, many older people have multiple and complex conditions. In this session, Prof Sir Chris Whitty discusses future patterns of disease and how we might be able to improve quality of life for older adults over coming decades. 

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