Table 2: A costed proposal for replacing incomes for those self-isolating (cost per month)


Published: 14/05/2021


Figures assume that two-thirds of cases are among the working-age population (aged 20–64), and that workers are as affected as non-workers in contracting Covid-19. All confirmed cases would get paid for 10 days, in line with current self-isolation protocols. Close contacts are assumed to have to isolate for six days (the cut-off point, after which they will be a confirmed positive or negative case with testing), and only receive payment if they are unable to work from home. We included a predicted probability of workers’ ability to work from home (43%). Our base-case costings assume 71,000 weekly cases of infections and close contacts. These costs allow for the fact that the government is currently compensating small and medium-sized organisations for the cost of statutory sick pay for self-isolating employees. These estimates differ from previous work by the Resolution Foundation from November 2020, which assumed 431,000 cases and close contacts each week, and hence a higher price tag for adapting the furlough scheme for self-isolation support.