Changes in health spending per head of population by country


Published: 02/11/2021


Health expenditure are based on per capita current government/compulsory health spending (all functions) in USD, adjusted to take account of the different purchasing power of the national currencies. Expenditure on health measures the final consumption of health care goods and services for residents, including medical services and goods, public health and prevention, and administration and financing. Covid-19 emergency budgets are included in the 2020 data where these are spent directly on treating and preventing Covid-19 (such as PPE, test and trace programmes, and reimbursement to hospitals for keeping treatment capacity available or postponing elective activities). Vaccines purchased but not yet administered in 2020 are not counted in total spend. Growth rates are presented in nominal terms, unadjusted for inflation. The UK’s relative position doesn’t change even when we account for total health expenditure, which includes voluntary and out-of-pocket spend.