Cost of prescription items in the UK, 2006/07 to 2013/14

This interactive chart shows the net ingredient cost per item prescribed in the UK between the years 2006/07 to 2013/14.


Published: 17/04/2013

This chart was last updated on 17/04/2013 and some of the information may not be up to date. 

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This chart shows the net ingredient cost per item prescribed in the UK countries for the years between 2006/07 to 2013/14. The net ingredient cost is the cost of the drug, before discounts, not including any dispensing costs or prescription charges.

While the cost of drugs has been falling over the past decade in all countries. Wales consistently has the lowest costs and Northern Ireland the highest. It cannot be said from this data whether this is due to differing costs of identical drugs in the four countries or to differences in the drugs prescribed.

The net ingredient cost per item in 2013/14 was £7.47 in Wales while in Northern Ireland it was £10.58.


The data has been adjusted to real terms in 2013 pounds using the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) deflator from HM Treasury.


England Health & Social Care Information Centre Wales Health Statistics and Analysis Unit, Welsh Government Scotland Information Service Division, Scotland N.Ireland Department of