Figure 6: Public satisfaction with NHS and social care services, 2017


Published: 28/02/2018


Questions asked: ‘All in all, how satisfied or dissatisfied would you say you are with the way in which the National Health Service runs nowadays?’ ; ‘From your own experience, or from what you have heard, please say how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with the way in which each of these parts of the National Health Service runs nowadays. First, local doctors or GPs?… National Health Service dentists? ….Being in hospital as an inpatient?… Attending hospital as an outpatient?… Accident and emergency departments?’ ; ‘And how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with social care provided by local authorities for people who cannot look after themselves because of illness, disability or old age?’


King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust analysis of NatCen Social Research’s BSA survey data

Updated 19/03/2019

This chart was updated to correct an error in the Accident & emergency survey responses. The chart's categories have been re-ordered accordingly.