How many NHS mental health staff are there in England?


Published: 10/01/2022


1. Data are for mental health professionals working in NHS hospital and community health services in England, as well as including a subset of staff who are traditionally defined as professionally regulated mental health workers.

2. These data use the new definition of mental health workforce – this way of counting the workforce focuses on those staff who are specifically providing or supporting the provision of mental health care in a wide variety of ways. It excludes staff who might work at a mental health trust but who are not involved with providing the care.

3. The Health Education England target for 11,000 more traditional mental health professions in the chart begins in 2017, following the publication of the mental health workforce strategy in July 2017, and ends in 2021.

4. The target for 27,460 additional mental health staff outlined in the Mental Health Implementation Plan starts at 2019 on the chart and ends in 2024, and includes an initial HEE target of 19,000 more mental health professionals.