Poor morale among ambulance staff?

The top 10 questions from the NHS Staff Survey on which ambulance staff report the worst net satisfaction or agreement highlight some fundamental problems with staffing, morale, pay and management.


Published: 07/04/2017

Asked whether there are enough staff to enable them to do their job properly, 21 per cent of ambulance staff agreed but 61 per cent disagreed (a net agreement of -40 per cent). And on pay, 24 per cent were satisfied with their level of pay, with 55 per cent dissatisfied (a net satisfaction of -31 per cent). Of note is the often much poorer responses compared to most other NHS staff (the percentage point gap in net satisfaction/agreement as shown).


  • Net agreement/satisfaction = strongly + fairly agree/satisfied minus strongly + fairly disagree/dissatisfied
  • NB: Results are based on survey responses weighted for trust size and differences in occupational group proportions