Satisfaction with local authority-provided social care and with the NHS overall (2005 to 2018)


Published: 07/03/2019


The 2018 BSA survey questions reported here were jointly sponsored by the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund. On social care satisfaction, the questions asked were: ‘And how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with social care provided by local authorities for people who cannot look after themselves because of illness, disability or old age?’ [2012–2018], ‘At some point in their lives, people can need regular help looking after themselves because of illness, disability or old age… From your own experience, or from what you have heard, please say how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with the services provided to people who need this kind of regular help with looking after themselves, whose family cannot provide it?’ [2005, 2007]. Question not asked 2006 and 2008–2011. Overall satisfaction: ‘All in all, how satisfied or dissatisfied would you say you are with the way in which the National Health Service runs nowadays?


The King's Fund and Nuffield Trust analysis of NatCen Social Research's BSA survey data. There has been no statistically significant change in satisfaction since 2015.