The capacity and veracity of the national testing programme


Published: 05/10/2020


Some Pillar 4 tests (possibly around 13,000 per day) are conducted using Pillar 2 capacity. Capacity for England has been calculated as a proportion of UK capacity using known information on the proportion of tests processed in England compared to the whole UK; however, data for Pillars 3 and 4 may include capacity and tests for people in the other UK nations. Pillar 4 capacity does not include some home tests which do not require lab analysis. The unused capacity for Pillar 4 is based on the difference between tests sent out and number processed across the UK (rather than England specifically). Sum of numbers for individual branches may differ from aggregate figure due to rounding.


UK government data for week of 17–23 September 2020 and correspondence with Department for Health and Social Care.