Annual reception and debate: Should universalism be protected?

The Nuffield Trust's 2012 annual summer reception and debate explored the concept of universalism.


Start date: 11/07/2012 | 17:30

End date: 11/07/2012 | 19:30

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Our 2012 annual summer reception and debate opened with a panel discussion: Should universalism be protected?

Our expert panel discussed the extent to which the state can and should support universalism, especially in today’s economic climate. By universalism we mean two related and broad approaches in welfare policy:

  • Financing benefits through general taxation of the population regardless of need for those benefits;
  • Distributing benefits on the basis of need and not ability to pay.

The panel considered if we can make principles around universalism clearer, to create a greater sense of coherence in the approach to welfare policy, in particular between health and social care.

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