Brexit Breakfast: Workforce

The Nuffield Trust, in collaboration with MSD, is running a series of Brexit Breakfasts to discuss what the health and social care sector needs to survive and flourish as the UK leaves the European Union.


Start date: 17/10/2017 | 8:30

End date: 17/10/2017 | 10:30

For more information on this conference contact:

020 7631 8450

The NHS is facing a serious shortage of staff with our nursing and social care workforce showing steadily rising vacancy rates. In recent years the UK has depended disproportionately on nurses and social care workers migrating from the European Economic Area to stop these problems becoming even more acute. It is vital both that the NHS gets a deal that helps rather than hinders it in dealing with the staffing crisis, and that migration and workforce policies take their cue to address longstanding gaps.

In this context, the Nuffield Trust is bringing together around 20 leaders from the health and social care system including commissioners and providers, academia and government to explore the concerns and opportunities related to workforce for health and social care, including:

  • What are the priorities for securing migration of EEA staff, and how can they be recognised under different Brexit and migration law scenarios?
  • How can we improve domestic recruitment and retention?
  • What role can skill-mix change and technology have in bridging the gap?

The seminar will be chaired by Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive, Nuffield Trust and will be held under the Chatham House Rule. 

This meeting is being organised, and associated material produced, by the Nuffield Trust in collaboration with MSD, and MSD is sponsoring the meeting. For more than a century, MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for the world’s most challenging diseases.