Competition and market mechanisms in health care

This small academic seminar, held with the Institute for Fiscal Studies explored the economics of health care in England.


Start date: 13/09/2013 | 10:00

End date: 13/09/2013 | 16:00

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The Health and Social Care Act 2012 paves the way for an extension of competition and market mechanisms in the NHS in England, with more competition for the provision of health services.

To inform these developments and help evaluate their progress, the Nuffield Trust and Institute for Fiscal Studies have formed a partnership to conduct a joint research programme that will aim to establish a long-term expertise in the use of competition and market mechanisms in health care – both in England and internationally.

As part of this programme, the Nuffield Trust hosted a small academic workshop on 13th September 2013, which brought together academics and policymakers at the forefront of the economics of health care in England.

Following this event, we produced the event report: Competition in UK health care: reflections from an expert workshop.



Institute for Fiscal Studies