Nuffield Trust and Commonwealth Fund 15th international meeting on the quality of health care

For the past fifteen years senior academics, policy-makers and practitioners from the United States and United Kingdom have met annually to discuss common areas of work relating to the quality of health care.


Start date: 16/07/2015 | 9:00

End date: 17/07/2015 | 17:00

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020 7631 8450

Since 1999, the Commonwealth Fund and the Nuffield Trust have organised a series of transatlantic conferences which reflect a shared commitment to cross-national policy exchange. The meetings were designed with an underlying aim to develop better strategies to improve health care by comparing US and UK experiences, and to translate successful quality improvement interventions into practice. During the 15 year tenure of the event, the objective was to encourage rich learning amongst a small group of very senior level participants from the US and UK, and to build relationships and cross-Atlantic initiatives on issues related to quality and reform of health care.

The 15th International meeting, held in the UK in July 2015, brought together around 35 senior policymakers, researchers, frontline professionals and other experts to compare policy approaches and frontline delivery system models in both the US and the UK aimed at improving care for high need/high cost patients. The key meeting themes discussed were:

  • Managing high need/high cost patients – How are new delivery system approaches being planned, funded and developed to care for patients with chronic, costly complex conditions, and their families
  • Patient engagement and health information technology – How is technology being used to engage and support high need/high cost patients and their caregivers in managing and coordinating their care
  • Building the health workforce – How do we ensure the workforce competencies, skill mix and supply to support these new models of care?

In line with the above themes, three UK papers were prepared for the meeting, in order to provide background and discussion points. These papers have subsequently been published by the Nuffield Trust.



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