Predictive Risk 2014

The Nuffield Trust’s fifth annual Predictive Risk conference looked to broaden the debate beyond risk models and how they are applied, to wider questions around using information tools that rely on linked data to look at patient care over time.


Start date: 30/06/2014 | 10:00

End date: 30/06/2014 | 17:00

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020 7631 8450

The last few years have seen rapid growth in the use of linked person level data as a vital resource to help us better understand what is happening to people as they go through the care system.

This information powers predictive risk models, but it can also be hugely useful to commissioners, providers, analysts, policy-makers and academics trying to analyse and make a wide range of decisions about patient pathways.

Predictive risk modelling to find people at high risk of emergency admission is just one approach that relies on linked person level data as it exploits anonymised person level information and link care episodes over time.

There are a range of other applications including tools for budgeting and resource allocations, auditing of care provided, assessing and improving quality of care, planning service delivery and in the evaluation of models of care. At the conference delegates had the opportunity to consider key topics including:

  • integrated information for integrated care
  • advances in using information
  • using data from services that are not routinely linked