Rapid Evaluation in Health Care 2022

Join us at the Rapid Evaluation in Health Care Conference 2022!


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This event was organised by the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation in collaboration with NIHR RSET and NIHR BRACE, took place virtually over two half days on the 25th and 26th of January 2022.

Bringing together representatives from the rapid evaluation community, including analysts, users and commissioners, the conference looked beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, thinking about the role of evaluation in the NHS recovery towards building a sustainable health care service. It provided an opportunity to share lessons learnt from recent and on-going evaluations.

Day 1: Recovery


The first day explored the role of digital technology and AI in the NHS recovery, discussing the challenges and opportunities that digital innovation bring when it comes to health inequality, and present some recent examples of how evaluation is informing current policy making.

Day 2: Sustainability


Day two explored lessons from rapid evaluations of evolving or new services aimed at assessing the sustainability of health services aimed at assessing the sustainability of health services, discuss priority research areas to inform policy on environmental sustainability, and will present examples of recent evaluations focused on achieving a green and sustainable system.

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