Risk adjustment conference: applications and developments for the NHS

A conference which explored developments on and applications of risk adjustment, an important and rapidly developing topic in health care.


Start date: 29/06/2011 | 10:00

End date: 29/06/2011 | 17:00

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020 7631 8450

As explored in a recent Nuffield Trust publication:  Predictive risk and health care: an overview, risk adjustment techniques are increasingly being used by the health care systems of many developed countries, including the NHS.  Risk adjustment plays a vital role in:

  • Forecasting costly events such as emergency hospital admissions, so that people at high risk can be offered targeted preventive care;
  • Setting budgets for commissioners;
  • Remunerating health care providers;
  • Evaluating services.

This conference was designed to bring delegates the latest news on developments on this important and rapidly developing topic.

We recorded video interviews with a selection of the keynote speakers from the conference, including Professor Wynand van de Ven, Professor of Health Insurance at Erasmus University Rotterdam; Professor Ian Duncan, Professor of Actuarial Mathematics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Founder of Solucia Consulting; and Dr Dirk Göpffarth, Head of Risk Adjustment at the German Federal Social Insurance Office.

The conference covered the following key issues: