The Commonwealth Fund and Nuffield Trust 13th international meeting on the quality of health care

A joint meeting of The Commonwealth Fund and the Nuffield Trust to discuss common areas of work relating to the quality of health care.


Start date: 20/07/2012 | 9:00

End date: 20/07/2012 | 18:00

For more information on this conference contact:

020 7631 8450

For the past twelve years, senior academics, policy-makers and practitioners from the United States and United Kingdom have met annually to discuss common areas of work relating to the quality of health care. The meetings have been convened and sponsored by The Commonwealth Fund and the Nuffield Trust.

The objective has been to encourage rich learning among the small group of very senior level participants and build relationships and cross-Atlantic initiatives on issues relating to quality and reform of health care. The underlying aim is to develop better strategies to improve health care.

The July 2012 meeting examined how sweeping health reforms in the United States and United Kingdom aim to improve quality, transform the delivery system, and achieve cost savings, focusing on accountable care organisations in the US and GP clinical commissioning groups in England.

Drawing insights throughout from the respective country approaches, the meeting was structured around key themes:

  • The challenges of implementing the reforms on the ground;
  • The use of payment mechanisms to drive quality and integration;
  • The need for hospitals to change their clinical and business models to add more value to the health system and the population they serve;
  • Best practices in evaluating innovations and bringing them to scale. 

Case studies also provided an in-depth look at the experiences of leading edge provider organisations in the US and UK who are moving forward with the reforms.

Speakers at this year's meeting included: 

  • Carolyn Clancy, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Mike Farrar, NHS Confederation; 
  • Yi Mien Koh, Whittington Health; 
  • Lord Darzi of Denham KBE;
  • Dr Donald Berwick, Former President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


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