The New Cavendish Group

The New Cavendish Group brings together chief executives of small and medium sized NHS hospital trusts who are working on new solutions to the major challenges facing the sector and their local health economies. The group is run by and for hospital leaders, with the Nuffield Trust providing operational support and guidance.

Learning network

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Learning network lead

Ruth Lewis

In 2014, the NHS England Five Year Forward View paved the way for local innovation in the health and care system, with providers encouraged to develop solutions for the needs of their own communities. Likewise, the newly appointed NHS England chief Simon Stevens advocated for the role of smaller hospitals to play a bigger role in delivering community care, in stark contrast to the previous emphasis on large scale, centralised services.

Amid this shift in national focus, the Nuffield Trust founded the New Cavendish Group in September 2014. The group is in essence a learning network that brings together 33 chief executives of smaller hospitals, including representatives from one quarter of all NHS England’s new models ‘vanguard’ sites. The network convenes leaders from all parts of the health and care system to share learning, solve problems and demonstrate how the traditional small hospital can adapt to the needs of the future.

Founder members include Paul Mears of Yeovil District Hospital, Susan Acott of Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust and Bridget Fletcher of the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. The group meets quarterly in London.

This network is part of our wider five-year strategy to bring leaders and practitioners together to share learning and align policy and practice.

Learning from the network