Tracking the effect of Brexit on health in the UK

The virtual roundtable helped the Nuffield Trust and academic collaborators explore the implications of Brexit for the NHS.


Start date: 29/09/2020 | 15:00

End date: 29/09/2020 | 16:45

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The Nuffield Trust, in partnership with academic experts at the Universities of Oxford, Sheffield and Michigan held this roundtable to explore the implications of Brexit for health in the UK. The aim was to establish a structure and function to monitor the changes that occur so that policymakers and leaders in health and social care can understand and respond to them.

We convened representatives across the health sector in the UK to have an opportunity to provide early input into our work and help us focus on issues that we may overlook, as well as discuss the impact of how Brexit will unfold alongside that of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

This event was chaired by Professor Tamara Hervey, Professor of European Law, University of Sheffield.

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