David Bennett: Monitor's vision of competition & integration


Published: 12/09/2011

In this interview, Dr David Bennett, Chair and Interim Chief Executive at Monitor, talks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow, Dr Geraint Lewis, about Monitor’s role in promoting competition and the integration of health care services in the NHS.

Dr Bennett explains what he understands by the term integration and the priority Monitor places on it, and emphasises the important role commissioners will need to play in the process of working out how to deliver better integration of care.

He reflects upon the argument that competition could potentially obstruct integration, presenting examples of how the two can work well together and the tools that Monitor might consider deploying in order to promote both competition and integration, such as using pricing to incentivise providers to work together, or suspending the rules on competition in order to test pilot initiatives.

Throughout the interview he stresses the importance of commissioners (and in particular GPs) working closely with patients to ensure the most appropriate and highest quality care is available to them.

Dr Bennett spoke at the Nuffield Trust and Monitor partnership roundtable: How can the power of competition and integration be combined to drive greater efficiency and high quality care?  in September 2011.