Denis Cortese: Achieving high value delivery systems


Published: 07/09/2010

The Nuffield Trust hosted a visit by Dr Denis Cortese, whose vision for ‘high value health care’ (better outcomes, better safety and better patient experience at lower cost) by aligning incentives and coordinating care between all staff, underpinned his successful tenure as chief executive of the Mayo Clinic.

During his stay, Dr Cortese met NHS staff in Trafford, Outer North East London and North West London – three sites where closer integration is seen as the route to better care. This video - the second part in a series - captures his reflections on these visits and his lessons for achieving high value health care in the NHS.

In this video, Dr Cortese responds to the following questions:

- What do you understand by the term 'high value health care'?
- What can we learn from successful U.S. health care organisations?
- How can we convince doctors to change the way care is provided?
- What does the NHS workforce need to deliver high value health care?
- What one message would you give politicians and the NHS to help them provide higher value health care?