Event recording: Doomed to repeat? Lessons from the history of NHS reform


Published: 19/10/2018

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The Nuffield Trust held an evening event on 16 October that brought together prominent speakers who helped create NHS plans of the past with those who have watched and (sometimes) criticised from the outside. The speakers and audience debated the triumphs and disasters of the past, discussed why they happened, and suggested ways to take on board the lessons of the past and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Missed the event? Watch a video recording of the event again. Running time 1 hour 5 mins.

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Lessons from history for the NHS 10 year plan 16/10/2018 • 17.45–20.00


Since 2000 the NHS in England has seen at least six major national plans, accompanied by at least ten reorganisations at various levels. Wit...

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