Helen Parker: Creating a GP partnership in Birmingham


Published: 14/09/2011

In this interview, Helen Parker, Director of Practice Partners, talks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow Dr Rebecca Rosen about the structure of the Vitality Partnership, a growing primary care provider in inner-city Birmingham made up of several merged GP practices.

Helen outlines what led to the development of the new model – factors such as the demands now placed on general practice to do more for less and to demonstrate quality – and why the GP partnership model will be a more robust and sustainable structure moving forward as it better integrates the delivery of primary and secondary care.

She goes on to examine how commissioning can support the goals of the partnership, but explains that funding barriers need to be removed to allow more services to move into the community setting.

Helen presented at the Nuffield Trust seminar: Mind the gap: how can clinical commissioners work with specialists? in September 2011.

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