Holly Holder: Drivers of change in primary care in the UK


Published: 18/07/2013

In this audio slideshow, Holly Holder, Fellow in Health Policy, Nuffield Trust describes some of the major challenges facing UK general practice.

The information presented here forms part of a Nuffield Trust review undertaken with The King’s Fund for NHS England (Midlands and East) into UK and international models of primary care. The 21 primary care organisations examined in the report each aim to extend the range of services offered to patients.

The review considers what needs to be done if UK primary care is to be fit for the future; proposing design principles to be used when planning future provision, and recommending a number of the steps that could be taken by policy-makers and practitioners to enable the development of new forms or primary care organisation.

The full findings were published in the report: Securing the future of general practice: new models of primary care (Nuffield Trust, July 2013), which itself forms part of an on-going Nuffield Trust research programme into the future of primary care.