James Morrow: An Accountable Care Organisation in Cambridge


Published: 14/09/2011

In this interview, Dr James Morrow, a GP at Sawston Medical Practice, speaks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow Dr Rebecca Rosen about his vision for the creation of an Accountable Care Organisation pilot in Cambridgeshire.

Dr Morrow outlines the key features of the plan which would see the capitated budget for a defined population transferred from commissioner to provider, and the better integration of primary, secondary, and community services.

He goes on to explain the relevance of Cambridge as a demonstrator site due to its unique geographical features and cohesive general practice population, before outlining the advantages that this type of integrated care organisation would bring to patients in the area.

Dr Morrow considers the role of clinical commissioning groups in helping to achieve their vision, and summarises the positive impact the system would have on commissioners by allowing them to focus on outcomes rather than micromanaging service provision pathways.

Dr Morrow presented at the Nuffield Trust seminar: Mind the gap: how can clinical commissioners work with specialists? in September 2011.