John Macaskill-Smith: Primary care networks in New Zealand


Published: 23/06/2011

Many of New Zealand’s GPs have been working together in GP-owned networks – called independent practitioner associations (IPAs) – for nearly two decades. In many cases, these organisations have pioneered new forms of care and higher quality primary care services. Some are now embarking on a new form of contract with secondary care and other providers known as ‘alliance contracts’ with the aim of creating more integrated services.

In this video, John Macaskill-Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Midlands Health Network, talks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow Ruth Thorlby about his experience of GP-owned networks and efforts to build integrated care.  John presented at the Nuffield Trust event: Unleashing the potential of primary care: lessons from New Zealand’s experience of organised general practice, held in June 2011, which hosted speakers from two primary care organisations in New Zealand.