Judith Smith: Commissioning for better integration of care


Published: 22/09/2011

In this video, Nuffield Trust Director of Policy Dr Judith Smith outlines the key findings of a research study exploring the role of commissioners – the planners and purchasers of NHS services – in promoting integrated care in the NHS in England.

Dr Smith explains how the research, led by experts from the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund, was conducted; the role that practice-based commissioners have played in the development of more integrated care; and the effect national policy has had on these attempts to promote more joined-up and efficient services. 

Dr Smith goes on to consider what future policies are needed to enable the Government’s new generation of clinical commissioning groups to lead further integration.

The full findings of this study have been published in the Nuffield Trust report: Commissioning integrated care in a liberated NHS (Sep 2011), by Professor Chris Ham, Dr Judith Smith and Elizabeth Eastmure.  The report is the second in a Nuffield Trust series on NHS efficiency: The quest for efficiency in the English NHS. Visit our dedicated project page for further details.