Lord Crisp KCB: Reducing reliance on high cost health care


Published: 12/11/2010

The Nuffield Trust in partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar and the British Medical Journal hosted a meeting for a select group of emerging leaders from across the world to discuss strategies for managing health systems through the current economic crisis and into the future. The meeting was held in Salzburg in November 2010.

Emerging leaders had the opportunity to debate and discuss with each other and with a faculty of established leaders from countries such as Japan, China, Columbia, the UK and the US, to identify effective approaches to health system reform that meet the diverse challenges of developed and emerging economies. Topics covered included: strategies for creating efficiencies in health care, the role and limits of markets in health care, the professional and patient of the future; and, the secrets of high performance in health care.

In this video, Lord Crisp KCB, former Chief Executive of the NHS, discusses what mature health systems can learn from low income countries and points to the changes that will be needed to end our reliance on high cost, high tech health care delivered in hospitals.