Martin McShane: Principles of commissioning integrated care


Published: 22/09/2011

In this interview, Dr Martin McShane, Director of Commissioning and QIPP at NHS Lincolnshire, talks to Elizabeth Eastmure of the Nuffield Trust, about the key principles of commissioning integrated services based on his experiences at NHS Lincolnshire. 

Dr McShane emphasises the importance of focussing on patient needs, and considers how these can be reflected in the commissioning process. He examines the commissioning function at NHS Lincolnshire, particularly the move to promote collaboration between patients and professionals, and reflects on the obstacles that can stand in the way of commissioning integrated services, such as a lack of clear communication of the benefits of integration.

He then moves on to consider some of the examples of success in the commissioning of integrated care in Lincolnshire, and highlights some effective, practical tools used in the commissioning process, including a performance management dashboard.

Dr McShane spoke at the Nuffield Trust event: Incentivising integrated care: what role for commissioners? in September 2011.