Naresh Rati: Vitality Partnership's vision for patient care


Published: 14/09/2011

In this interview, Dr Naresh Rati, Executive Partner of Vitality Partnership, talks to Nuffield Trust Senior Fellow, Dr Rebecca Rosen, about his vision for patient care within the Birmingham-based partnership, which is a new model of integrated care organisation comprised of several local GP practices.

Dr Rati outlines how the partnership, which currently serves around 40k patients, aims to become a large primary care organisation providing high quality patient care, before ultimately expanding to deliver, within the community setting, some of the services that traditionally sit within secondary care.

He explains what features will make the partnership fit for purpose and how they have been able to engage with specialist consultants.  Dr Rati reflects on some of the successes of the partnership, describing the benefits for patients, who are provided with a faster, local service and ready access to highly skilled specialists.

When looking at plans for the future, Dr Rati considers the barriers he and his colleagues will face, and their ultimate goal of becoming an Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) when they come to reach a population base of 100k patients.

Dr Rati spoke at the Nuffield Trust seminar: Mind the gap: how can clinical commissioners work with specialists? in September 2011.