Nigel Edwards: Health check Wales with BBC Wales


Published: 30/01/2015

Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust teams up with BBC Wales to provide an analysis of the performance of the Welsh NHS. He argues that it is difficult to compare the health services of the four countries of the UK, highlighting that in some indicators England is doing better than Wales, but Wales hasn't seen the same recent growth in hospital admissions and delays in getting people out of hospital that England has. Overall, he concludes that Welsh citizens have cause for real concern over waiting times, but instead of focusing on past statistics, the Welsh NHS needs to focus on improvements to sustain its health service for the future.

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The challenge of change in the NHS in Wales 30/01/2015


Nigel Edwards examines the performance of the Labour-led Welsh NHS, how it compares to the English system, and why the political blame game...

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