Public attitudes to provider ratings: focus groups


Published: 22/03/2013

The Nuffield Trust was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health to conduct a review that considered whether ‘aggregate’ ratings of provider performance should be used in health and social care, and if so how best this might be done.

A final report: Rating providers for quality: a policy worth pursuing? was published on 22 March 2013 and presented to the Government. The main report is accompanied by an executive summary.

To inform the review, the Nuffield Trust commissioned Ipsos MORI to research public attitudes into ratings in health and social care. Three focus groups of eight people were conducted with the general public between 4 and 6 March 2013. This slideshow, which summarises the results of this research, was published alongside the main report.

Participants were recruited based on a number of criteria including: social grade (two groups at ABC1 and one at C2DEs); having primary-school-aged children; having experience of choosing a care home in the last 12 months; or having experience of non-emergency hospital treatment.

Given the very small scale of the research, it cannot claim to be representative of the wider population but identifies some useful themes and areas for further research.