Rebecca Rosen on 'Transforming general practice'


Published: 17/06/2015

In this video short, Dr Rebecca Rosen gives a quick overview of her new briefing 'Transforming general practice: what are the levers for change?'.

The current model of general practice is largely considered to be in need of reform. Through national policies including NHS England’s Five Year Forward View and the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund, there has been a significant focus on transforming the sector through scaled up networks; federations and super partnerships of GPs and upskilling the workforce to deliver change.

As a consequence, general practice is under immense strain as they are expected to deliver these changes, implement new models of care and take more care into the community.

Transforming general practice: what are the levers for change? examines academic evidence on current methods of driving change, as well as expert testimonials and case studies, to present a series of recommendations on how policy makers and regulators can support general practice to deliver these changes. The briefing argues that financial rewards, which are currently used to incentivise small scale changes by the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), are at risk of being overused and are not the best way to encourage widespread reform in general practice.

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Transforming general practice: what are the levers for change? 17/06/2015Dr Rebecca Rosen


In this briefing, we examine the approaches and levers for change that can be utilised by policy-makers and regulators to promote change in...

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