Suzanne Robinson: Learning from PCTs on priority setting


Published: 24/05/2011

Dr Suzanne Robinson, Lecturer in Health Economics and Health Care Policy, Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), University of Birmingham, together with colleagues at the university and researchers from the Nuffield Trust, recently completed research looking at how primary care trusts (PCTs) manage priority setting.

In this interview with Sian Davies, Nuffield Trust Specialist Trainee in Public Health, Dr Robinson outlines the main findings from that research and considers what can be done at a national level to support clinical commissioning groups as they take on the priority-setting role from PCTs.  She also touches on the tools and processes required to engage others from the health service as well as the wider public in the decision-making process.

The full findings of the research study have been published in the research report: Setting priorities in health: A study of English primary care trusts(Nuffield Trust, Sep 2011).  The accompanying research summary: Setting priorities in health: The challenge for clinical commissioning explores the implications of the results for the coming generation of clinical commissioners.

Dr Robinson presented at the Nuffield Trust one-day workshop: Making difficult choices: key issues in priority setting for GP commissioners, held in partnership with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence(NICE) and the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), in May 2011.