A new home for QualityWatch

Our QualityWatch programme, run jointly with the Health Foundation, has moved into a dedicated section of the Nuffield Trust website.


Published: 30/11/2018

QualityWatch is a joint programme from the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation, providing independent scrutiny into how the quality of health and social care is changing over time.

Today we have incorporated the QualityWatch website into a dedicated section of the Nuffield Trust website, which hosts our 200 interactive charts designed to explore changes in the quality of health and social care over time. This means we can reach new audiences and ensure our existing followers are able to access new charts and data analysis in an accessible, engaging and shareable format.

Every month we will be updating a selection of indicators focusing on one aspect of quality, alongside a summary of our analysis. Today we focus on patient safety, highlighting trends over time in areas from the management of healthcare acquired infections to the presence of a safety culture in NHS organisations. We will also be providing regular analysis and commentary on the highest profile NHS performance measures, from the four-hour A&E target to ambulance response times.

All of our charts and data stories are shareable, with each chart containing a dedicated sharing link, as well as an embed code to enable our audiences to make use of the QualityWatch analysis in blog posts and presentations. All our previous blogs, analysis and reports have been migrated to the QualityWatch section of the Nuffield Trust website and existing links will redivert to these new webpages.