Combined Performance Summary, June/July 2017

A double dose of key NHS performance measures.

Latest data

Published: 10/08/2017

NHS England published monthly figures on headline performance statistics this morning. Unusually, the figures contain two months' worth of data for A&E attendances and emergency admissions, and for NHS 111 services. These figures are now going to be released sooner after the end of the period they record, so August's figures will be released in September. For other measures, a two-month gap will remain.

This is our summary of the most significant data to be released today. Several targets continue to be missed and figures for A&E waiting times and total attendances are as bad as the previous year,

The Nuffield Trust has issued a statement on today's figures which can be read here. 

Accident and Emergency

A&E 4-hour waiting time graph

Total A&E attendances graph

Emergency admissions graph

Trolley waits graph

Trusts missing AE target graph

Delayed transfers of care

Delayed transfers of care graph

Cancer referral waiting times

Cancer referral waiting times graph

Hospital waiting lists

Hospital waiting lists graph

Diagnostics and elective admissions

Diagnostics graph