NHS visual data challenge: The winners

See the winning entries for our data visualisation competition on health and care inequalities.


Published: 24/03/2020

It was with some uncertainty that we launched the call for entries for our first ever data visualisation competition. Sponsored by the Nuffield Trust, the BMJ and NHS Digital, we had identified some rich and challenging data on health inequalities in the UK, and worked hard to find creative and enquiring minds that would rise to the challenge of presenting it visually.

We received 50 entries from which our judges from the worlds of health and data visualisation design shortlisted 20.

Data visualisation and visual storytelling are complex tasks that require a wide range of skills. The judges have selected the three entries in each category (static and dynamic pieces) that best showcased understanding of the data, storytelling ability, and visual presentation skills.

The winners of the competition are presented below. Congratulations to the winners! And a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part. 

What if Owen Cho, Eileen Robertson Dynamic entry Awarded Gold
What's the link between deprivation and obesity in school children in England? And what kind of regional effects are there? Gwilym Lockwood Dynamic entry Awarded Silver
Fighting for air: asthma & air pollution Rachel Newby Dynamic entry Awarded Bronze
Atrial fibrillation related stroke risk in England; identifying the unmet need for anticoaguation Beth Davies, Derryn Lovett Static entry Awarded Gold
Unhappy Meals: The extent of fast food in our most deprived communities Charlie Steer Static entry Awarded Silver
What factors underlie inequality in life expectancy in England? Helen Alexander Staic entry Awarded Bronze