Health & social care finance and reform

We are in one of the most challenging periods ever faced by the NHS. How it responds is critical to its long-term success.
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Why is this important?

Britain's departure from the EU means major changes and deep uncertainty for health and social care staffing, regulation and workforce. 

At the same time, the NHS is introducing new models of care and a different way to work with councils through integrated care systems. All of this is being attempted at a time of historic financial constraint, with record trust deficits and an intense search for efficiencies. 

What we offer

There has never been a more important time for independent scrutiny of government policies and the performance of the system. We will continue to provide this, as well as opportunities for policy makers, practitioners and others to come together to develop solutions.

Our focus is on improving the quality of policy-making by providing evidence-based analysis, asking insightful questions and providing a challenging view.

Our independence puts us in an important space to challenge orthodox thinking and hold policy-makers to account. Our focus extends beyond England into the UK, where we have a history of providing comparative analyses of the performance of the four UK health services.

The absence of the debate about what the NHS and care system will need to look like to manage resources and demand is startling.

Social services director of a local authority

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