Ana Rafaela Prado

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    Ana Rafaela Prado

    Chief Medical Information Officer

    Cascais Hospital, Portugal

Ana Prado MD is Chief Medical Information Officer at Cascais Hospital (Lusíadas Saúde/United Health Group) in Portugal, an EMRAM stage 7 and JCI Hospital Program 3rd time accredited hospital. She has 16 years public and private healthcare experience and has been involved in the progress of successive EMRAM development and maturity (having contributed as external auditor in stage 7 EMRAM evaluation of 4 international hospitals) as well as in the JCI accreditation process. Her clinical activity is divided between the Internal Medicine Department as well as in the Emergency Room as medical leader and she teaches students from the clinical years in the University of Lisbon. She is Assistant Coordinator of the Residency Committee and has actively contributed to the Postgraduate Medical Education Department, Hospital Discharge Group and the Hospital Infection Control Committee.