Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

Chris Sherlaw-Johnson joined the Nuffield Trust in January 2014 from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). At the CQC he ran their surveillance programme which involved the continuous monitoring of quality of care indicators across health and social care in order to identify potentially concerning patterns of outcomes that could then be followed up in an appropriate manner.

This was a continuation of the programme he helped to set up within CQC’s predecessor, the Healthcare Commission, and which prompted the decision to investigate Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust in 2008. He also led the statistical analysis that supported the Mid Staffordshire Investigation.

Chris has not always worked within the health sector. His career began in what was the Department of Trade and Industry where he developed forecasting models of the civil aviation market in order to advise decisions for funding British aerospace projects.

He later joined the Clinical Operational Research Unit at University College London (UCL) where he helped to develop tools that hospitals could use for monitoring outcomes, including the now widely used variable life-adjusted display (VLAD) approach.

Another major area of work involved the use of stochastic modelling techniques to evaluate options for cervical cancer screening and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing.

He is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow with the Department of Mathematics at UCL and a Fellow of the Operational Research Society.